Windows and IPv6 [fr]

This is something really nice about Windows that few people know about: anybody with a recent enough copy of Windows have an IPv6-ready network stack.

Windows XP

The IPv6 stack is disabled by default, but it is very easy to enable: you just need to open the command prompt as administrator (start->run, cmd),then run the following command

netsh interface ipv6 install

If you already have an IPv6-enabled network

(unlikely if you’re behind a consumer-grade router)
Windows will automatically build an usable address using the subnet sent by the router and the MAC-address of the selected interface.

If you’re behind a NAT box/router

Type the following command to enable Teredo tunnelling

netsh interface ipv6 set teredo client

Windows Vista ant up

You don’t have to do anything: what’s described here is (finally) enabled by default !!

Type ipconfig anytime to check your network configuration: a production-ready public address will usually start with 2001:

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