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Is there such a thing as « hackerspace burnout » ? [en]

samedi, janvier 28th, 2012

After the awesome Chaos Communication Camp 2011, i had some difficulties to get involved with projects in the space for about a month and half: it’s like i lost something.

To put in context, i’ve been co-driving the truck that carried the material and luggage of 3 belgian hackerspaces and one dutch space up to Finowfurt and back. My co-driver did all the paperwork for the truck, made the whole pickup schedule, did the initial loading at the starting point, and even did the cooking every day since we arrived at the camp, while also taking care of his son. Hats off to that guy that will certainly recognize himself when reading this. On my side, i was busy coordinating the set up of our party tent (we barely had enough hands to raise it), doing all the wiring and light setup, and helping installing the tables and the network. The weather was not friendly either. After the camp was the teardown, packing and filling the truck, Then the driving back and final delivery to the different spaces, all on a very compressed schedule.

Now i feel the same thing again: i’ve been working in the space over the last month on a quite regular basis: drink shopping, moving shelves, filling fridge, garbage collection, rebuilding the electric installation nearly from scratch and dealing with the sharp aspects of socializing.

I want to work on my own pet projects and stop working on infrastructure and janitorial stuff for a while. For the ByteNight, i already made it clear that i will not get involved in any aspect of it. I’ll be there as a customer, sipping my drink on the sofa.

Once i finish the last missing bits on the electric installation, i will freeze all infrastructure projects (Zoppas, Parallel port interface, last power circuit and relay board) for some time.

Reboot in March 2012 ?

Wall wart hunting [en]

mardi, janvier 17th, 2012

I found in my apartment about 10 wall warts and two linear power supplies that give the same (or similar) voltage for my equipment.

Spools of red and black wire with a power supply

Let the hunt begin

I would like to get rid of those power bricks and have a more consistent and centralized setup. I hope to make some savings in the process by using a more efficient oversized switch mode power supply. Another advantage is that if i want an UPS on that line, i just need to connect a SLA battery.

My apartment will be wired with 6 mm² wires carrying 12VDC: one branch go to the networking area, the other two go to my desk.

Let’s lay down some wires !!