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Documenting projects [en]

dimanche, février 21st, 2010

Documenting projects is not an easy task and can be quickly boring if you don’t have discipline.
It will go to the point that you slack with that important part and you end up with a project that is long done and not documented at all.

This is a pattern I noticed when and after building my first car computer. I took pictures of the assembly, put them online, then I waited until i would find some spare time to write a nice article about it.

Time was never found for that.

During the build of the version 2.0 of my car computer, I also took pictures, but this time i used twitter to detail the timeline of my progress. The computer hardware was completed about six months ago. Someday, i will re-read my early tweets and try to build a nice article about it.

Six months and still nothing… I doubt something will change. But there can be surprises.

At the moment i’m working on a project named The Wandering Star: this is an easy to carry suitcase-shaped server destined to be used into hacking conferences and provide massive storage and a VPN link from the conference site back to its home base. I’m not alone on this project and we try to make a decent documentation of the progress on a wiki page. I have a bunch of pictures here.

Could that be the start of a new way for me to deal with that kind of stuff ? I hope so !!

Windows and IPv6 [fr]

dimanche, octobre 11th, 2009

This is something really nice about Windows that few people know about: anybody with a recent enough copy of Windows have an IPv6-ready network stack.

Windows XP

The IPv6 stack is disabled by default, but it is very easy to enable: you just need to open the command prompt as administrator (start->run, cmd),then run the following command

netsh interface ipv6 install

If you already have an IPv6-enabled network

(unlikely if you’re behind a consumer-grade router)
Windows will automatically build an usable address using the subnet sent by the router and the MAC-address of the selected interface.

If you’re behind a NAT box/router

Type the following command to enable Teredo tunnelling

netsh interface ipv6 set teredo client

Windows Vista ant up

You don’t have to do anything: what’s described here is (finally) enabled by default !!

Type ipconfig anytime to check your network configuration: a production-ready public address will usually start with 2001: