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copiepresse vs google [fr]

samedi, juillet 16th, 2011

Le niveau de connaissance d’internet de la presse francophone est au niveau du caniveau. Et j’apporte la preuve.


Painful WordPress installation [fr]

mardi, octobre 20th, 2009

Okay, i had to make it live earlier than expected due to a missing robots.txt file. This wordpress was installed on a not-so-public testing virtualhost and the Google bot started to snoop and index stuff located there.

Furthermore, i discovered that migrating WordPress to another domain/subdomain/virtualhost is not an easy task: it stores a lot of its URLs in full into the database (ouch !!). Since i’m not the king of regex with SQL commands, i made a dump of the wordpress database with the following command:

mysqldump --add-drop-table -u [db user] -p[db passwd] [wordpress db] > wordpress_db.sql

Then i edited the raw SQL statements with my favoutite text editor and re-imported the modified database with

cat wordpress_db.sql | mysql -u [db user] -p[db passwd]

Add this to your web server configuration to solve the Google indexing problem.

Redirect permanent /wordpress_folder/

The layout is not fixed yet, there are still some missing items.
The galleries did not move: they are still here and here.