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By Askarel in en

My girlfriend bought a huge candle holder some time ago. Unfortunately, she has a carpet on the whole floor and the candles tend to drip their wax on it, which makes a terrible mess that stick like hell and is a real bitch to clean up.

We could not find any suitable protection in any shop around, until I went to Ikea and I found this.

Carpet protection for desk chair

Okay, I would have preferred something circular instead of a rectangle, but the shortest side length was exactly what i needed. Given the price, i bought two of them and used one under my desk chair, the other was left to be butchered. 🙂

Finishing the cut

Finishing the cut

I marked the center of the sheet and made a hole small enough to snugly fit a small nail. Then the whole thing has been nailed to the side of my table because i lacked some clamps. Of course you will ruin your table doing so, but it was the most reliable way for me to have the roundest shape possible. You should use a piece of scrap wood and extra clamps if you value your table. 🙂

Dremel tool

This is not a drill bit


The cutting rig: detail of the "rail"

Detail of the « rail »

Detail of the cutting rig

Detail of the cutting rig: Yes, Dremel, Club Mate and Gaston Lagaffe mix quite well 🙂

The leftovers of the cutting

The leftovers of the cutting

After that treatment, the resulting disc had the edge sanded down to remove plastic shavings and it now look like it was coming straight from the shop.

The finished product in action

Discrete yet effective

This is an old hack that was done 4 years ago. It still look fine today.

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